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Documents & Certificates Embassy Attestation

Embassy Attestation is very important for non Hague convention countries because these embassies are responsible and have right to attest the document and make validate the document in their respective countries. Apostille is not accepted in those Non Hague convention countries. Embassy attestation only possible when document have get attest from the Ministry of the external Affairs.

Indo-Asian consulting Services is one of the best consultancy that provides the Embassy Attestation on the All the document from All embassy in India.

Our consultancy believes in one formula “understands the requirement of the client, and then provide the consultancy and services. It is very important because only providing the documents attestation services without getting the reason why actually need the services, there will no befit. So consultancy and negotiation is primary factor in my point of view. After negotiation we understand the inquiry, and then we provide best possible consultancy and services.

We provide the best consultancy and services for following inquiry

  • 1. What certificate require for attestation to get employment visa.
  • 2. What documents require for Attestation to get Dependent residence visa.
  • 3. What document require for attestation to get add the name of spouse in the passport.
  • 4. What document require for Attestation for higher study in abroad.
  • 5. What document require for Attestation for deletion of spouse name in the passport.
  • 6. What document require for attestation to get admission in school and etc.
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